Using Sports Science

for Juvenile Player Welfare

SURPASSPORT goes beyond efficient communications and scheduling to unify best practice for juvenile player welfare. Key data is securely shared between parents, teachers and coaches to inform training, match preparation and player development, building team resilience, avoiding injury and making sport a life-long habit.

Underage Athletes

Everyone gives their best when they are having fun. This is especially true for sport at juvenile age groups, where most children play where their friends play. Having fun also means that they practice more, look forward to training and feel more connected with the team and club.

Coaching a team of 11 year olds is more complex than skills, conditioning and tactical preparation, not just because the children play a multitude of sports, but they are starting to mature physically, bringing fresh challenges. This is also the age when some start to withdraw, missing training and falling behind in skills and fitness.

SURPASSPORT uniquely provides insight into each individual child's workload, maturation and enjoyment across all sports and all teams, supporting more informed coaching and setting an environment for longer participation and club involvement.

Workload Scoring

SURPASSPORT was born from a need, as a coach, to better understand what else the kids on the team were involved in, especially as the 11 - 12 year olds were doing more and more. This meant regularly asking the players, but some would forget about training or PE class, while others might exaggerate their workload because their friends were within earshot.

In a GAA context, it should have been easier to know more for those who play both codes, but in reality, coordinating activities between two or more age groups across two sports quickly becomes impractical. And what about those who also play Soccer, Rugby, Basketball and Hockey? Children who play sport, play more than one code, in more than one club, and also in their school.

SURPASSPORT solves this problem in a secure, user friendly, player centric manner, providing coach and parent with realtime insight into their players commitments, across sports, clubs and school. The data generated from connecting a player with a team, organising team training and fixtures and in communicating with parents is analysed into their individual Workload Score ➠. This score indicates consistency of activity and corresponding risks of injury, providing a clear and visual input into coaching decision making.

SURPASSPORT uniquely shares information relating to each player's wellbeing with teachers and coaches, providing a better understanding of the individual child as part of the team.

Maturation Assessment

Irish National Governing Bodies across all sports advise coaches "to allow for maturational differences in players by attempting to match players of the same maturity in training and games" (GAA Award 1 Youth Coach Manual), and yet leagues and teams are selected and managed on the basis of chronological age.

SURPASSPORT introduce a Maturation Assessment ➠ service to measure children between 7 and 18 years of age, to eliminate guesswork in determining maturity, and when used in conjunction with the App, allows coach or teacher to segment their squad(s) for tailored training.

Monitoring Fun

As each kid is marked present, a notification is schedule to their parents, asking "How Paul enjoyed today's Training?" In the fist instance, it reminds parents to keep the conversation around enjoyment, and not scoring or success. However, in consistently asking the same question, the feedback builds into a pattern, which can help spot changes in trend.

This triggers timely conversations to quickly address a small issues before they become significant, and offer a continuous modern "360" feedback cycle. It does not suppress effort or disappointment from the coaching toolset, but ultimately, sport should be fun, even in competition, and no matter what the age, we stop playing when it stops being fun.

As a coach, is it not better to Monitor Fun ➠, rather than losing a player, for no particular reason at all.

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