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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

Automatically assign Bibs on Arrival

Children attending training will always gravitate towards their friends, and that's a good thing. Such friendships in and beyond the team are important practice and development, but there's also a risk of developing non-mixing social groups, cliques perhaps, which can be damaging to the team culture.

One recommended option is to mix it up for parts of the training session. But it can be challenging to remember to prepare a listing, and then still be dependent of who turns up. And equally important is to avoid repeating patterns, even if it seems an option to ease the administration.

SURPASSPORT supports the automatic, balanced assignment of bibs to players, as they are marked as attended. Simply enable bibs for some types of activities for the squad, and provide the colours of the bibs being used.

How it works

  1. On check in, each kid is allocated a colour, in a manner that helps to minimise repeats from over the past three activities, and in a manner that keeps each group balanced.
  2. Recognising that a player's skills competence forms an important factor in balancing coaching groups, Coach can optionally rate each player on a 1..5 scale, and the assignment attempts to avoid placing the strongest players into the same group.
  3. Bib assignments are non-binding. Simply tap the assigned bib colour to cycle through the other colours, and SURPASSPORT automatically adjusts for when the next player arrives.

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Used by

  • Basketball Ireland

    Tracking workload and more for the Irish Juvenile International squads.

  • WIT Arena

    Maturation Assessment for U13 Soccer players

  • Naas GAA

    Coordinating Juvenile Hurling team availability and attendance.

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