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Maturation Assessment

Predict timing of growth to identifying windows of accelerated adaptation, during which the developing body responds best to speed, stamina and strength training, for short term fitness, individualised coaching and long term athletic development.

Returning to Play from Injury

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The risk of injury is ever present in sport, as athletes challenge themselves and push their physical limits. When such an injury strikes, whether a simple sprain or a deep bruising from an excessive challenge or a serious concussion related brain injury, a series of recovery stages, or protocol, guides the athlete back to fitness.

SURPASSPORT includes powerful Return to Play management, supportingrecovery protocols ranging from a simple "few days rest" to the formal and highly detailed Graduated Return To Play from Concussion, coordinating communications, setting activity maxima and daily symptom monitoring.

Team Injuries

SURPASSPORT Return to Play ensures Coach, Teacher, Employer, Physio and Athlete are informed and work together for a speedy recovery to full fitness and competitive play.

How it works

The recovery protocol is configured as a series of stages, each defining:

  • duration,
  • maximum intensity / RPE for physical activity,
  • stage specific instructions, such as specific exercises or things to avoid,
  • individual or role who signs-off as completed.

When the recovery protocol is activated, teacher(s), coach(es), employer(s) and attending physician or physiotherapist, as configured, are notified as the recovery enters / completes each stage.

Where injury specific symptoms are set, a daily prompt is issued asking each symptom to be rated, with the responses made available to the attending physician or physiotherapist, showing a trend of symptom progression over the course of the recovery.

Daily Symptoms

As each stage reaches its configured duration, the nominated sign-off contact is requested to review the athlete's status, according to the stage criteria, and to approve progression to the next stage (or sign-off the recovery as complete). If recovery needs a little longer, review can be deferred for as long as needed.

For example, a simple shoulder strain injury may require 3 days rest, notifying only team coaches, with daily monitoring over arm, head and back mobility, to be reviewed by the parent (or the athlete themselves), after which time, training and competitive play can resume.

Complex recovery protocols, such as Graduated Return to Play from Concussion protocols multiple stages, are supported with equal ease. Notifications can include school / employer, and different stages can require sign-off by different persons before activities can resume at full intensity.

Return to Play is available as a stand-alone service, but works best when teams & squads are also managed on SURPASSPORT.

  1. All coaches are automatically included in team injury notifications
  2. Activities exceeding the defined maximum intensity are automatically declined due to Injury
  3. Players with injury are highlighted on team sheets, until their final recovery stage is completed
  4. The player's profile lists injury details, as are stage specific instructions
  5. The player's workload profile overlays their recovery, including days remaining within the defined protocol.

Use of Return to Play requires active accounts on SURPASSPORT.
Individual or Team registration takes only a few minutes.


Expressions of Interest

We invite associations or governing bodies who promote injury-specific recovery protocols to connect with us to codify the protocol(s) and to offer them as a preset for members.


Existing athlete profiles are already pre-registered and there is no additional charge for subscribed households.

Athlete pre-registration for Return to Play is FREE. A payment option included during registration offers 3 months subscription bonus: 15 months for the cost of 12 months. As with all subscriptions, our guide is €15 per annum but you decide the actual amount to pay.

Activating a recovery protocol is considered a billing activation event and will result in requests for subscription payment from the athlete's household.

There is no additional cost to Governing Bodies, Clubs, Schools and Coaches for using Return to Play or receiving associated notifications.

This service is offered subject to Terms of Use.


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