Powerful and intuitive team management for savvy mentors whose players play on multiple teams and represent multiple clubs and school.

Uniquely connecting parent, teacher and coach around the young athlete, to securely share data for timely insights into participation, injury, wellbeing and fun.

Informed underage coaching reduces statutory risks exposure; improves retention; and builds stronger adult teams and club.

Used by

  • Cumann na mBunscoil, Kildare

    Management of primary school leagues

  • Basketball Ireland

    Tracking workload and more for the Irish Juvenile International squads.

  • WIT Arena

    Maturation Assessment for U13 Soccer players

Popular Features

  • Match Play

    Record scores, scorers, assists and substitutions as they happen. Post match analysis helps to recognise key influencing players.

  • Medical Notes

    Parents indicate medical concerns to authorised coaches, highlighted on team sheets, even when the child plays for another team.

  • Monitoring Fun

    After each activity completes, every participant is asked how they enjoyed the event, keeping conversations around fun, the only reason we play sport.

  • Workload Scoring

    Realtime insight into each player's workload across all teams and scored to indicate consistency and associated risks of own injury.

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Feature: Individual Feedback

Coaching, especially for children, relies on giving regular, timely and constructive feedback.

In a team setting, you probably have a quick chat in the dressing room after a match. But what about training? Was everyone mentioned? Do you remember what was said the last time? And when?